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Carnauba Wax products that are so easy to use

The easiest way to remove dirt, mildew and bisrd droppings from exposed Canopies, Hoods, Dodgers and fabrics.Simply mix some of the concentrate in a bucket of water, wipe over the dirt with a sponge leave wet for about 15 minutes then rinse. For really heavy staining a brush may be helpful across stitched areas to ensure the cleaner gets right through the dirt. Will rid your fabrics of greening.

This product is phosphate free and fully biodegradable , so can be used on all waterways without damaging the environment. Meets Inland Wawaterways rules for washing down on the water.

One 500 ml bottle here gives 5 to 10 washes according to use

When cleaning your boat why not try K-WAX Carnauba Wax, you find anything quicker or as easy to use

Price  £ 8.70
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