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Take the easy way out, this specially formulated wax for boats comes in an easy on easy off formula, that takes all the strain out of waxing.Wipe on about 4 sq metres, allow 2 minutes to dry, simply wipe off to leave a high gloss protective finish thanks to the 40% Carnauba Wax content. Unlike other waxes we add no powders so there is no residue left, just a smooth long lasting finish.

If you have a polishing machine, use a very small amount on soft foam pads at a low speed and you will be able to polish and wax in one go.

Now is the ideal time to use, wash your boat and give it a coat of wax for the winter and recomissioning next season will be much easier.

     One 500 ml bottle will wax a 36 foot boat

Price  £ 14.35
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